Scan Tunnel Edge Service

Tunnel hostname and port:

Leveraging Tunnel Edge Scan

After providing a hostname and port hit the, "Scan Tunnel Edge," button. Within seconds a detailed report about your Tunnel instance is displayed. Here's an example scan result:

While the scan on it's own yields useful info like port connectivity status, the real value comes from doing a cross referece with the Tunnel Configuration page displayed from your UEM console. Make sure the SSL thumprint and expiration displayed by the report match what's shown under Server Authentication of the Tunnel Configuration. Further, confirm that the CN of the SSL subject reported by Tunnel Edge Scan matches the Tunnel hostname.

Overall, we're confirming the details displayed by the WS1 UEM console match what's seen by the Tunnel Edge Scan, a scan that represents how your Tunnel instance appears to the external world. As a solution hosted in Google Cloud, Tunnel Edge Scan validates a critical subset of the requirements needed for an endpoint device to establish a successful VPN connection to the Tunnel instance.

For more details, check out this Tunnel Edge Scan overview.